SEO in the New Year

Wow!  2013 sure saw a lot of changes in the SEO world.  Site owners became aware of just how vicious the animal alphabet from Google can be.  There were fierce Pandas, unforgiving Penguins and a host of hummingbirds that were looking for something quite specific when their friends the spiders came to crawl.

What this means for site owners is that the search engines are being more particular when it comes to the sites they are ranking. And, if you have been taking a free ride because everyone else in your niche has been sleeping….well, I would be looking for the sleeping giant to awake.  More and more site owners are waking up to the fact that there are things that their website needs to do (inform, educate, provide quality information, answer questions and above all, provide value).

“The opportunity to rank your site has never been higher”, remarked Mary Semmer, CEO of go483SEO in Chicago at a recent SEO conference in Nashville.  “Many sites are dealing with penalty issues and they have to solve those problems before they can begin to start over and focus on ranking once again.”  go483SEO is one of the best SEO companies in Chicago.

To make sure you are working with only the best in class when it comes to SEO for your site, make sure that you check not only references, but actually the search results for terms that the company has ranked.

Here’s a link for further explanation on the Google Penguin. update.

Another check point is to make sure that your seo company will be doing research on your competition.  No point in doing all this seo work unless you can actually outrank (whether now for easy terms or in the future for more competitive terms) the sites that are on the first page of search.  For a competent SEO expert, they should be able to rank you on the first page and have enough tools in their arsenal to accomplish your objectives.  For more information, check out ChicagoSEOPros.