Cabling for your Company’s Network

When you go to work some Monday morning and find that your computer systems are down and that your people can’t get to work, this usually means it will be a pretty tough week for you and your infrastructure tech team. And it just might be your network cabling standard that is just not up to par when it comes to asking more and more from your network. Sooner or later, an old, outdated wiring system is going to bristle when you ask it to carry more and more data and when that happens, everything shuts down. You need to think about upgrading your structured cabling solutions earlier rather than later. Now would be a very good time to revisit how your building and your offices are wired and fix the issue before it fixes you. Your landlord or property management company is usually in charge of this as it will most likely affect every one else in the building. With new build-outs, the management company will assess the capabilities of the wiring that is in the unit if they are on top of things. They may make recommendations to you and your team about what kind of wiring will support your data and transmission needs and will work with you to find the most cost effective solutions for your company, the number of employees you have and your bandwidth needs. One often overlooked benefit of having a system that is responsive is your customer experience. You want your customers to be able to connect with your people anytime and any place they happen to be. You don’t want them to have to work around your infrastructure that can’t support the everyday tasks they need to. You’ll want to check with your building’s management to find out who they use to do their wiring and then meet with them to design and install a system that supports your needs and those of your customers. A good customer experience will help you attract and retain the kind of clients that will sustain your business financially both now and in the future.

The Golden Years: Will They Be?

If you are a baby boomer you are probably either at the beginning of retirement or it is looming very close. For parents of baby boomers, the years after 65 were dubbed the golden years because many still had healthy years ahead of them and they were fortunate enough to have worked during a period of genuine prosperity. And, fortunately for them, interest rates were relatively high. You could get 5% or more on passbook savings which enabled your saved funds to be stretched even more. This generation enjoyed social security, the first to really be able to take advantage of it as they lived much longer than their parents did.

Fast forward to the world that the baby boomers now face. Interest rates are near 1% or lower due to the Fed artificially keeping rates down. Why? Because the Federal Government has a boat load of debt and to keep their payments as low as possible, they need a very low interest rate environment. Wouldn’t it be nice if you and I could manipulate interest rates on our credit cards or mortgages so that our payments were more comfortable? You bet it would. Unfortunately, this low interest rate environment is turning some people’s golden years into rusty and tarnished years. Imagine saving all your life so that you could live comfortably on the interest on your funds only to find out that there isn’t much interest at all after paying taxes. Every year you dip into your principle to make your living expenses and as you do so, you earn less and less on your money.

If you were prescient enough to have started an IRA during the Reagan years when they were first authorized, you are probably sitting on a nice cache of cash right now…that is if you didn’t touch your IRA during the 90s and 2000s when Congress allowed people to take money out before age 59 1/2, albeit with penalties, for permitted uses. As you face retirement, are you wondering if you have saved enough? Especially with the low interest rate environment?

Have a look at the video below so you can gauge where you are and avoid the pitfalls.

Saving on Energy Costs

Foam Insulation Costs and Benefits

There is no question that energy costs are rising. Increased worldwide demand for oil and stricter environmental regulations on other forms of energy such as coal and natural gas are serving to drive up prices. These higher energy costs take more and more out of your monthly household budget and will leave less for discretionary spending.

There is not much you can do about worldwide demand for oil. China and India in particular are consuming more and more of this precious natural resource. But you can do something about your consumption of energy around your own house. By better insulating your home, you can keep from wasting energy dollars which leak out of the walls and roof of your home. Less energy consumption means lower bills, and lower bills mean you have more money for the other things you would like to buy for your home or family.

Spray foam is not the cheapest type of home insulation. But it is the most efficient. If you are building a new home, then it is the quickest to install when compared with batt insulation that is usually put into walls. It compared favorably in terms of time to install with blown in insulation which is usually installed in attics and under the roof. Unlike these other types of insulation, spray foam does not lose its insulating ability over time because it does not compress, sag or decrease in thickness.

Over the long term, foam insulation will pay for itself over and over again. You won’t be replacing it every 15 years or so, and it will keep a thermal envelope in tact throughout its life which means it will do its job as efficiently on day 5,000 as it did on day one. That’s the type of product you want to buy for your home.

Building insulation information.


How RSS can help your SEO

As a WordPress client, you must have found out about the term of RSS, yet do you truly know what it is and how it can profit your website improvement? Here, we’d jump at the chance to clarify this term in point of interest, and acquaint the steps of how with add it to enhance the SEO of your WordPress fueled site.

What is RSS

RSS, the acronym of Really Simple Syndication, makes utilization of a gathering of standard web food configurations to distribute your most recent upgraded data. It incorporates the full or condensed content and metadata, and permits your guests to get convenient redesigns without the need to load your site and check physically. Additionally, as a standard XML record archive, it can guarantee an abnormal amount of similarity with numerous other distinctive machines or projects.

A definitive profit of RSS is to help individuals subscribe to your substance effectively and smoothly. In the early years, if individuals love what you have composed and need to stay informed concerning your overhauls, they have no decision however bookmark it in their programs and visit the site physically and regularly to evaluate whether you have included something new. RSS, nonetheless, is utilized to rearrange this methodology by permitting book lovers to accept your redesign data straightforwardly in their letter drops, bolster bookworms, desktop requisitions, and numerous different gadgets.

Notwithstanding giving guests a simple experience for data securing, RSS likewise brings great web search tool perceivability as your endorsers are liable to impart your post around their social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest, and so forth.


In the accompanying, we have outlined the main 5 profits of RSS channels:

Help book lovers stay in contact without breaking a sweat

Improve the online perceivability to some degree

Expand your followers base to a great extent

Can be a modest and simple system for site advancement

Retain the devoted bookworms’ hobbies on your substance endlessly

More information on RSS benefiting SEO can be found here

SEO in the New Year

Wow!  2013 sure saw a lot of changes in the SEO world.  Site owners became aware of just how vicious the animal alphabet from Google can be.  There were fierce Pandas, unforgiving Penguins and a host of hummingbirds that were looking for something quite specific when their friends the spiders came to crawl.

What this means for site owners is that the search engines are being more particular when it comes to the sites they are ranking. And, if you have been taking a free ride because everyone else in your niche has been sleeping….well, I would be looking for the sleeping giant to awake.  More and more site owners are waking up to the fact that there are things that their website needs to do (inform, educate, provide quality information, answer questions and above all, provide value).

“The opportunity to rank your site has never been higher”, remarked Mary Semmer, CEO of go483SEO in Chicago at a recent SEO conference in Nashville.  “Many sites are dealing with penalty issues and they have to solve those problems before they can begin to start over and focus on ranking once again.”  go483SEO is one of the best SEO companies in Chicago.

To make sure you are working with only the best in class when it comes to SEO for your site, make sure that you check not only references, but actually the search results for terms that the company has ranked.

Here’s a link for further explanation on the Google Penguin. update.

Another check point is to make sure that your seo company will be doing research on your competition.  No point in doing all this seo work unless you can actually outrank (whether now for easy terms or in the future for more competitive terms) the sites that are on the first page of search.  For a competent SEO expert, they should be able to rank you on the first page and have enough tools in their arsenal to accomplish your objectives.  For more information, check out ChicagoSEOPros.