Saving on Energy Costs

Foam Insulation Costs and Benefits

There is no question that energy costs are rising. Increased worldwide demand for oil and stricter environmental regulations on other forms of energy such as coal and natural gas are serving to drive up prices. These higher energy costs take more and more out of your monthly household budget and will leave less for discretionary spending.

There is not much you can do about worldwide demand for oil. China and India in particular are consuming more and more of this precious natural resource. But you can do something about your consumption of energy around your own house. By better insulating your home, you can keep from wasting energy dollars which leak out of the walls and roof of your home. Less energy consumption means lower bills, and lower bills mean you have more money for the other things you would like to buy for your home or family.

Spray foam is not the cheapest type of home insulation. But it is the most efficient. If you are building a new home, then it is the quickest to install when compared with batt insulation that is usually put into walls. It compared favorably in terms of time to install with blown in insulation which is usually installed in attics and under the roof. Unlike these other types of insulation, spray foam does not lose its insulating ability over time because it does not compress, sag or decrease in thickness.

Over the long term, foam insulation will pay for itself over and over again. You won’t be replacing it every 15 years or so, and it will keep a thermal envelope in tact throughout its life which means it will do its job as efficiently on day 5,000 as it did on day one. That’s the type of product you want to buy for your home.

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